Thursday, September 21, 2017

REPORT: San Francisco

The 1915 Panama - Pacific International Exposition, one hundred years later

Report: Albuquerque

Working across mediums with a broad range of artists and diverse regional institutions, 516 ARTS marks ten years of collaboration and innovation.

REPORT: Los Angeles

A new public art biennial takes root along the LA River.

Report: Seattle

A host of current and upcoming exhibitions parade Northwest arts au natural.

Report: Denver

On its 40th anniversary, the Arvada Center looks both back and ahead at the state of Colorado Art.

REPORT: Los Angeles

Ten Years of Tarfest

REPORT: San Francisco

A Half Century of SECA Award Winners, at SFMOMA

Report: Chinatown, Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Report: Palm Springs

With its new Edwards Harris Pavilion for architecture and design, the Palm Springs Art Museum gives new life, and purpose, to a midcentury modernist gem.

REPORT: Los Angeles

Duchampmania hits the Southland

Oakland: Mark Dion's "Marvelous Museum"

"Art" according to Ambrose Bierce, "is expansive and open for interpretation."

REPORT: Chicago

A confluence of exhibitions and events in Chicago this spring puts a welcome spotlight on the influence of Latino artists in the midwest.


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