Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Report: Chinatown, Los Angeles

Los Angeles

REPORT: San Francisco

A Half Century of SECA Award Winners, at SFMOMA

REPORT: Montana

Big Sky Country is home to a surprisingly robust, tenacious contemporary art community.

REPORT: Portland

For its third biennial, Disjecta found an outside eye in LA - ART curator Amanda Hunt.

REPORT: New York

A new exhibition called “Inventing Downtown” looks at the artist-run alternative and performance galleries that nurtured the city’s art scene in the 1950s and ‘60s.

REPORT: Chicago

A confluence of exhibitions and events in Chicago this spring puts a welcome spotlight on the influence of Latino artists in the midwest.

REPORT: Berkeley

After years of planning, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive gets a new home.

REPORT: Dallas

Less than six months into the role, Agustín Arteaga has brought an energetic new vision to his position as new director of the Dallas Museum of Art.

REPORT: Los Angeles

The 30th anniversary of LA’s Olympic freeway murals sparks renewed appreciation.

Report: Santa Monica

The 18th Street Arts Center celebrates 25 years.

Report: Seattle

A host of current and upcoming exhibitions parade Northwest arts au natural.

REPORT: San Francisco

Modern and contemporary fiber arts are casting a wide web in the Bay Area.


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“Flower Tree,” 2014 Matt Wedel, NCECA

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