Friday, May 26, 2017


  Julie Blackmon: “Homegrown” (Radius Books) Julie Blackmon’s "Homegrown" is the strangest family photo album ever-pretty much literally. Blackmon lives in Springfield, MO, walking distance from...

On View

A quick roundup of noteworthy exhibitions on view this fall.

REPORT: Reno/Las Vegas

A new survey shows the range of contemporary art in the Silver State.

Robert Hardgrave

Seattle-based artist Robert Hardgrave’s elegant mixed-media works might appear to have been created by a reserved and urbane artist, one perhaps with deep roots in academia.

REPORT: San Francisco

Modern and contemporary fiber arts are casting a wide web in the Bay Area.

Critic’s Picks: Houston

Upcoming Fall Shows in Houston

REPORT: Los Angeles

A new public art biennial takes root along the LA River.

REPORT: Chicago

A confluence of exhibitions and events in Chicago this spring puts a welcome spotlight on the influence of Latino artists in the midwest.

REPORT: Black Mountain College

An examination of the mythic Black Mountain College reveals the process of discovery, choice and consequences that comprised its core philosophy.

San Francisco

San Francisco's art world marks a dramatic shift, with an explosion of relocations and new gallery spaces, and the much-anticipated opening of the expanded SFMOMA.

Kate Bonner

Artist Kate Bonner is drawn to distance, to expressing herself in works that create layers of separation between the viewer and the images and objects she employs.

Critic’s Picks: Santa Fe/Albuquerque

Around every turning corner, time, space, architecture, and imagination become ever more elastic. “Amazing” is the common utterance.