Saturday, May 25, 2019

Critic’s Picks: Seattle

Introducing the newest from artists in the Pacific Northwest


Critic Suzanne Beal on the Seattle art scene.

Critic’s Picks: Santa Fe/Albuquerque

Around every turning corner, time, space, architecture, and imagination become ever more elastic. “Amazing” is the common utterance.

Critic’s Picks: Kansas City

Fall Shows in Kansas City

Critic’s Picks: Houston

Upcoming Fall Shows in Houston

“MADE IN LA” 2012

Spanning a wide range of mediums, the show presents 60 artists divided between two principal venues, the Hammer Museum and LA Municipal Art Gallery

Critic’s Picks: Houston

Latest from the Houston Art Scene

Critic’s Picks: Los Angeles

The latest picks from Los Angeles highlighting artists--Gregory Michael Hernandez, Steve Hull, Alison Saar, Leon Benn, Mercedes Heinwein and Mark Dutcher

Critics Pick’s: Los Angeles

Upcoming Winter Shows in LA

Critic’s Picks: Portland

Richard Speer comments on the latest art offerings from the city of Portland.


Critic's Picks

Artist Profiles


“Flower Tree,” 2014 Matt Wedel, NCECA

NCECA 2017 in Portland


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