Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Ad Specs


Please note: art ltd. has ceased publication.


Full 7.5″w x 10.125″h
Full Bleed 8.625″w x 11.125″h
Two Thirds 4.875″w x 10.125h
Half Horizontal (No bleed) 7.5″w x 4.875″ h
Half Vertical (No bleed) 3.75″w x 10.125″h
Third Square 4.875″w x 4.875″h
Quarter 3.562″w x 4.875″h
Inside Front Cover 8.625″w x 11.125″h
Inside Back Cover 8.625″w x 11.125″h
Back Cover 8.625″w x 11.125″h

Trim size: 8.375″w x 10.875″h _____Live area: Allow .5″ from trim size

art ltd. follows a PDF workflow. Please submit PDF/X-1a.2001 files only – the industry standard of preflighted PDF files that embed all fonts and ensure files are the correct resolution and color space. If an RGB file is supplied, it will be converted to CMYK. All fonts MUST BE EMBEDDED before creating the Acrobat PDF, otherwise there will be font issues. Please note: art ltd. does not accept any other application files, such as InDesign, Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, etc.
Materials should comply with SWOP standards with effective resolutions of 300 dpi. Bitmaps should be at least 600 dpi. Total ink density must not exceed SWOP, which is 300%. Only CMYK or grayscale files will be accepted. No 5th color or spot colors are available. Required trapping must be included in the file. Use only postscript fonts. Truetype fonts are unacceptable. Images for 4/C ads must be submitted as final, high-resolution, CMYK files. All digital media should include a printout of contents of each ad supplied and correct copy information for content and positioning.


Website – Leader Banner 728w x 90h
Website – Box Ad 300w x 250h
Website – Rotating Tile 160w x 160h
Newsletter – Leader Banner 728w x 90h
Newsletter – Secondary Banner 600w x 75h
Newsletter – Sponsored Content (Primary) Lead image: 500w x 350h
Newsletter – Sponsored Content (Secondary) Lead image: 225w x 300h

Weekly, Monthly and Extended Rates available.
Please contact your Sales & Marketing rep for further details.